Making-of – Our first photo shoot!

The idea has been around for a very long time. Now it was actually time to implement it. We finally wanted to make our Live-Love-Smile brand accessible to a wide audience in our own online shop. Because so far we have delivered our fashion directly to retailers. That's just not enough for us anymore. Because we want direct contact with our customers.

We want to offer you fashion that makes you happy, makes you smile and caresses you with a feeling of well-being. The products should be wearable for everyone and timeless.


Anyway, it started a few weeks ago! Our very first photo shoot was just around the corner. We had found a great photographer and selected outfits. Our store in Hamburg Altona served as the location because there was enough space. Tanja and Caro, who usually advise our customers here, quickly became our models.

How was the first time?

In short: great!

The preparation was challenging because you have to think about so many small details. But the entire team was very well organized and we even thought of the champagne to toast after the last photo shot. And the chamomile tea for Caro, who was very ill that day. The red glowing nose Thank you for persevering so bravely!


Tanja and Caro did a great job in front of the camera. We underestimated the amount of time it took to shoot all the products, but we managed to do it all in the end.  

The shooting day ended happy and exhausted and the waiting for the result began. But that was also true and so we are already thinking about the next shooting to present new products to you.

Now, of course, we very much hope that you like the result as well and that you might even find the right favorite piece with us!

We are really looking forward to everything that may come!

Euer Live-Love-Smile-Team